Your Guide To Disc Golf In Hobart

The old saying about quality over quantity has never been truer than when it comes to disc golf in Hobart and the greater Tasmania area. For well over a decade, this part of Australia has had several great courses to choose from alongside an active disc golf community that comes together for a range of events. Whether you’re new to the area or new to the sport, let this be your guide to disc golf in Hobart.

The Club And The Courses

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A quick search on Facebook will land you at the Hobart Disc Golf Club page, a great resource for anyone who is looking to become more involved in the sport. This group meets regularly to hold monthly handicap competitions and organizes several large events each year. Run entirely by volunteers, this club embodies the spirit of the sport that we all love and is welcoming for all ages and skill levels.

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Poimena Disc Golf Course - A definite “must play” for anyone in the area, Poimena offers dual tees for up to 36 holes of disc golf joy. The layout wraps around a hill, not only providing some challenges if you miss your line but also some incredible views. It’s free to play and home to the Australian Disc Golf Championships.

Rivers Edge Wilderness Camping Disc Golf Course - If you have the urge to go camping and want to incorporate some light disc golf fun while you’re at it, Rivers Edge is the place to be. Although the course only has 6 holes, it’s ideal for brand new players or families who just want to give the sport a go.

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Burnie Disc Golf Course - Centrally located near the university, Burnie DGC offers 9 holes that just might challenge you more than you’d think. While it’s a good option for beginners, more intermediate players will notice that they can rack up some high scores if they aren’t careful.

Why Disc Golf?

Although there’s a ton of activities to do in Hobart, residents are often looking for ways to spend the afternoon that don’t cost a lot of money. Sure, strolling around the town can be fun, but if you want to incorporate a bit of a challenge along with learning a new skill, disc golf is for you. It’s inexpensive to get started and is great for people from all walks of life.

If the idea of disc golf sounds intimidating, just remember that the community around this sport is one of the most friendly there is and they will welcome you with open arms. All you need to do is come with a willingness to learn and maybe even a disc or two and you’re ready to play! Disc golf can provide you with a fun and casual game to play or a competitive outlet that allows you to challenge yourself to the fullest - it’s all about what you want it to be for you!

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