Your Guide To Disc Golf In Brisbane

The disc golf community in Queensland is absolutely thriving, and if you live in or near Brisbane, you’ve likely seen this firsthand. While finding a new course to play used to be a test of one’s patience, now a short drive in just about any direction will land you at a layout that’s fun and challenging for all. Brisbane has become quite a hot spot in recent years, giving new and seasoned players the ideal disc golf experience.

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Even if you aren’t near the coast you can still enjoy a round at one of many courses that RAD has designed and installed all across the area. If you’ve been looking to get more involved in the disc golf scene, keep reading to learn more about ways you can meet other players, find a sense of community, and see just what courses await you!

A Family Wherever You Go

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One of the things that disc golfers appreciate so much about the sport, aside from the fact that it offers great exercise, a chance to spend time in nature, and a way to challenge oneself over and over again, is the group of people that you end up meeting. Disc golfers are very friendly and are equally as excited as you are when they see a new face at the course!

Many people enjoy joining a club that’s in their local area and participate in league nights, volunteer work at courses, and fundraising events. There are seven operating clubs in Queensland alone, and many more across the entire country, so consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and making some new friends.

Where To Play

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Queensland isn’t experiencing any shortage of disc golf courses as there are 11 different destinations you can head to. Each one offers a little something special, whether it’s multiple tees, terrain changes, or stunning views. We’d recommend that you call ahead before driving out to some of them as they might be on private property. Here’s the complete list to explore:

Alexander Clark Park Disc Golf Course - Loganholme

Charleville Park Disc Golf Course - Charleville

Roma Disc Golf Course - Roma

Logan Gardens Disc Golf Course - Logan Central

John Bray Park Disc Golf Course - Bray Park

Swich-Ipswich Disc Golf Course - Ipswich

Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course - Applethorpe

Fehlberg Park Disc Golf Course - Yeronga

Clouds of Montville Cottages and Serviced Apartments Disc Golf Course - Montville

Cania Gorge Holiday Park Disc Golf Course - Cania Gorge

Pine Rivers DiscGolfPark - Strathpine

With such a plethora of courses to choose from, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Nearly any of the above layouts are great no matter where you are on your disc golf journey - from small 9-hole courses that let you fine-tune your skills to ones with narrow fairways or rugged terrain, the opportunities in Queensland are endless.

The next time you’re looking for a fun activity to do with family or friends, consider heading out to a local league night and getting acquainted with disc golf. Each club has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is great for all ages and skill levels.

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