This sport has been around for around 50 years, and it’s growing more popular all the time with over 80 countries associated. Ultimate requires two teams which usually consist of seven people. The size of the field is generally narrower than a football field (in any country). Each end zone is at the end (go figure) of the field marked by either lines or cones. The goal of each team is to throw the Disc to one another until someone scores by catching the Disc at the end zone line.

Seems easy enough. The beauty of this sport is that everyone on the team has the option to call their own shots. In most circles, this is called “Spirit of the Game.” It’s really up to you and your opponent’s teams to determine if you made the goal or not. This is true for all tournaments and recreation, even at the world championships! Besides getting you out the door, ultimate is a great way to join the community and practice sportsmanship.