Guts, also known as Guts Disc or Guts Frisbee, is a high-energy, fast-paced disc game that draws inspiration from dodgeball. This thrilling sport involves two teams, each consisting of one to five players, who face off across a court with the objective of throwing a flying disc at the opposing team with considerable speed and precision.

Gameplay and Rules

The teams line up parallel to each other, each member standing in a line facing their opponents. To decide which team begins the game, players engage in "flipping the disc," a method akin to a coin toss but utilizing the disc itself. After determining the starting team, one player is selected to initiate play.

This player signals readiness by raising an arm, prompting the members of the opposing team to freeze in position. The thrower then hurls the disc as forcefully as possible aiming for a designated "scoring area" slightly larger than the space the opposing team occupies. The challenge for the receiving team is to catch the disc cleanly and without movement until the disc is thrown.


Scoring in Guts is straightforward but requires agility and sharp reflexes. If the throw lands outside the scoring area, or if the receiving team successfully catches the disc, the receiving team earns a point. Conversely, if the throw is accurate and the receiving team fails to make a clean catch  either by dropping the disc or not catching it in one hand  the throwing team scores a point. After each throw, roles are reversed, and the game continues in this back-and-forth fashion.

Catching Techniques

Catching the disc is particularly challenging in Guts. Players must catch with one hand and cannot trap the disc against any part of the body. This often leads to a series of "tips" where players tap the disc to slow it down and facilitate a catch, sometimes involving multiple teammates in rapid succession.

Game Objective

The game progresses until one team scores at least 21 points with a minimum lead of two points over the opposing team. This rule ensures a clear and decisive victory, heightening the competitive nature of Guts.

Guts Frisbee is not only a test of physical skill but also of strategic thinking and teamwork. The game's intensity and quick pace make it an exciting sport for both participants and spectators, cultivating a vibrant and engaging community around it. Whether you're a player or a fan, Guts offers a dynamic and exhilarating experience.