Double Disc Court

Double Disc Court (DDC) is an engaging team sport that involves strategic use of two flying discs. It features two teams, each composed of two players, who compete in a dynamic and fast-paced game setting. Players stand within their respective courts, aiming to defend their territory from the incoming disc attacks launched by their opponents.

The gameplay occurs on a level grassy field where two identical square courts, each measuring 13 meters on each side, are set up. These courts are separated by a 17-meter distance, creating ample space for intense disc exchanges. The main objective in DDC is to execute effective attacks by throwing a disc into the opponent's court, ensuring it lands within bounds without touching out-of-bounds areas.

Players can attack in two primary ways: either by landing a disc directly into the opposing court or by orchestrating a "double" a tactical move where both discs are simultaneously touched by one or more players of the opposing team. Successfully landing a disc within the opponent's court or forcing them to commit a "double" earns points for the attacking team.

Scoring in DDC can also occur when an opponent mistakenly throws a disc out-of-bounds. The game progresses until one team achieves the predetermined number of points required by the competitive format, ultimately declaring them the winners.

This sport not only tests physical agility and disc throwing skills but also strategic thinking and teamwork. Each match requires teams to adapt quickly to the evolving dynamics of the game, making DDC a challenging yet rewarding sport for players of all levels. It's a great way to build team spirit and improve hand-eye coordination, all while enjoying the outdoors and the thrill of competition.