Disc Golf

If you’re new to this sport, it’s definitely time to get out and play. You know golf, right? Well, disc golf takes the fun track of traditional golf (or ball golf as the initiated call it) but adds flavor. Instead of putting at a tee and trying to hit the hole, disc golf uses a frisbee and basket instead. If you throw the frisbee and it lands in the middle of the forest, you’ve still got to go in for it. Disc golf has the same troubles as traditional golf: the disc could fly out of bounds, or you might hit a tree midway through. Don’t take it from me, though. Disc golf has been around for over 100 years, so you know it must be good.

Disc golf has made traditional golfing more affordable. Though at most ball golf courses you need to pay to enter, disc golfing generally costs little to no money to use the course. Many places use forests, parks, or even campuses to set up a course.