Light up Your Ultimate Frisbee Night Game

Remember what it was like getting off of work and running for your disc duffel bag? After a long day of labor, it’s nice to take it easy and play a game of ultimate frisbee. But, if you are like most people, by the time you get off of work, the sun is starting to set.

There are alternatives to professional discs that glow in the dark or flash when you throw them, but, unless you get them at an accredited site, it's more than likely that you’ll just end up with a heap of cheap plastic that you’ll end up giving the dog.

So, before you spend a small fortune on discs that do not stand the test of time or run out of batteries and become useless, consider an LED alternative.



The first thing to look for in any disc is endurance. If your disc hits a pole or falls into the water, it should still light up for the rest of the night. The trick is to sift through reviews until you find one nearly everyone agrees is of a high quality.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light-Up 185g Beach and Catch Sports Frisbee Disc

The Nite Ize LED Flashlight was made for endurance and style. The professional disc has LED lights that range from the center of the disc to the rim in nine lines.

Located at the center are the batteries, which are easy to change. The batteries last an impressive 20 hours, which will keep you going all night and more. What’s more, you can easily transition from day to night.

The Nite Ize LED Flashlight comes in red, green, blue, and purple. As a bonus, if your friends are unfamiliar with this disc, they may just think aliens have a propensity for ultimate frisbee players.



Ultimate frisbee is one of the best team sports to play with a disc, but have you played... in the dark? By attaching glow sticks to your goal posts and outfitting your players with their own glowing colors, playing ultimate frisbee becomes a challenge, and perhaps more fun than you’ve ever had.

Of course, it’s important to be aware of a few considerations, like your safety.

Find a Place: Keep in mind that some parks are off limits or even dangerous after dark. Find a place that is relatively far away from highly residential areas. Ultimate frisbee isn’t as much fun if you can’t shout encouragement to your friends.

Pack a Night Bag: There’s no telling just what you might need when you’re playing in the dark, so invest in a pocket knife, night snacks, pepper spray, a cell phone, bug spray, water bottles, and a first-aid kit, just to name a few. Make sure to use your favorite Flashlight discs!



One of the best parts of ultimate frisbee at night is the extra level of uncertainty. To make it more fun, set up wagers or start some of your friends off with ultimate frisbee. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get out there!

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Excellent Frisbee!

I wanted to play in the park near my place. It took a few hours to learn, but we love it. This frisbee is perfect, it flies really well, and is beautiful also. It is fairly durable also.

-Nathan Sutter


Happy Flyer

I bought the 175g Ultimate Disc for my son, didn't realise how good the frisbee was until it arrived. I ordered it a week before Christmas and received it with plenty of time.

-Chris Small


Love my new Frisbee!

I'm certainly not a pro frisbee player, not even really all that good, but I LOVE playing it with my friends. I honestly I couldn't be happier. the frisbee is fantastic. Absolutely love it!

-Bryce Lynch


A lot of fun!!!! UV Frisbee

The kids love it when it changes color in the sun. We have become frisbee fanatics at the park daily throwing it and having a great time. Thank you flying disc store.

-Robert Hansen


Lovely Frisbee

Thank you for this beautiful and well balanced frisbee.

-Karen Ellis


Amazing quality!!

Just like the title, really happy with the product, very solid and the reflective detailing is very nice and sturdy - this frisbee is going to last a long time. Flys well would purchase again and recommend to anyone looking.

-Holly Parker