De-stress & Get Active: Best Beach Frisbees & Games


De-stress & Get Active: Best Beach Frisbees & Games

This guide's got you covered. We'll pick the perfect frisbee, show you epic games, and reveal the beach workout you didn't even know you were getting!  Get ready for sun, sand, and smiles!


Choosing the Perfect Frisbee for Beach Fun 

Choosing the Perfect Frisbee for Beach Fun

Discover the top-rated Flying discs specifically designed for beach play. From durable materials to aerodynamic designs, find the perfect disc to elevate your beach frisbee experience.

Maximising Fun with Beach Frisbee Games

Maximising Fun with Beach Frisbee Games


The sun is blazing, the waves are crashing, and you've got sand between your toes. It's time to ditch the ordinary and crank the frisbee fun up a notch. Here are some ideas to transform your beach day into a frisbee extravaganza:

Classic Beach Twists:

  • Spikeball Splashdown: Dig a kiddie pool into the center of your playing field. Spike that and score double points if it lands with a refreshing splash.

 Creative Beach Challenges:

  • Beach Limbo Lowdown: Grab a friend and hold a frisbee like a limbo. It's time to bend those knees. See how low you can go while still walking under. Remember, it gets lower with each successful pass.

 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

  • Beach Frisbee Relay Race: Feeling competitive. Split into teams and get ready to sprint! Line up, race a set distance, snag a frisbee thrown by your teammate, fire it back to the next person in line, and then dash back. Teamwork and frisbee skills are the ultimate beach test.


The Benefits of Beach Frisbee

The Benefits of Beach Frisbee

Sunshine, salty air, and feeling a little sluggish. Don't let the beach lull you into a sun-drenched coma. Grab a frisbee and transform your beach trip into a fitness fiesta. Here's how this simple beach activity can take your health and happiness to new heights:

  • Agility All-Star:  The ever-changing beach terrain and those unpredictable throws will test your agility like an obstacle course  Dodging waves, changing direction on a dime, and leaping for catches. All this action will sharpen your coordination and footwork like a ninja.
  • Balance Boss  The uneven, shifting sand adds a whole new level of challenge to your throws and catches. This constant balancing act strengthens your core and improves your proprioception (that's your body's fancy way of knowing where it is in space).


Beach frisbee offers an unmatched mix of fun, exercise, and bonding, making your beach day unforgettable. With the right frisbee, game variations, and benefits embraced, anyone can enjoy hours of amusement. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, the beach is perfect for memorable frisbee fun with loved ones. So, pack now and cherished memories on your next beach trip with Flying Disc Store.


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Excellent Frisbee!

I wanted to play in the park near my place. It took a few hours to learn, but we love it. This frisbee is perfect, it flies really well, and is beautiful also. It is fairly durable also.

-Nathan Sutter


Happy Flyer

I bought the 175g Ultimate Disc for my son, didn't realise how good the frisbee was until it arrived. I ordered it a week before Christmas and received it with plenty of time.

-Chris Small


Love my new Frisbee!

I'm certainly not a pro frisbee player, not even really all that good, but I LOVE playing it with my friends. I honestly I couldn't be happier. the frisbee is fantastic. Absolutely love it!

-Bryce Lynch


A lot of fun!!!! UV Frisbee

The kids love it when it changes color in the sun. We have become frisbee fanatics at the park daily throwing it and having a great time. Thank you flying disc store.

-Robert Hansen


Lovely Frisbee

Thank you for this beautiful and well balanced frisbee.

-Karen Ellis


Amazing quality!!

Just like the title, really happy with the product, very solid and the reflective detailing is very nice and sturdy - this frisbee is going to last a long time. Flys well would purchase again and recommend to anyone looking.

-Holly Parker