Start your fitness journey with Disc Golf

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Anyone who has seen a talented disc golf player hurl their disc three or four hundred feet might be in awe of their level of physical fitness. After all, you must be an incredible athlete to be able to perform such a feat, right?

Yes and no, as disc golf skills can build and build even if you’re in less than ideal shape. As many people know, getting back on track when it comes to health and fitness can be a challenge, and for those who have a long road ahead of them, the idea of high impact cardio can seem daunting.

Where Disc Golf Fits In

Instead of sweating your brains out and engaging in exercises that push you to your limits, consider using disc golf to start your own fitness journey. The great thing about this sport is that anyone can play, so even if you have some weight to lose or are recovering from a serious injury, you can reap major benefits.

Think of disc golf as a moderately difficult walk around the block while throwing a frisbee to your friend. You don’t necessarily have to use the full runups that you see others employing, nor do you have to worry about throwing far or hitting big putts. Disc golf is designed for every level of athletic ability and focuses more on the idea of getting out and being active instead of shredding the course with your skills.

How Involved Is It?

Many consider disc golf to be a form of light exercise, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see huge rewards. While courses vary in terms of length and layout, playing one round of 18 holes allows you to easily clock in a few miles of walking. More elevated layouts fall into the category of a nice hike.

Throwing a disc repeatedly can also help to get your blood flowing and heart rate up a bit without making you too winded. Think for a moment that on an easy 18 hole course, you’re probably throwing your disc at least 100 times if you’re a novice player – that’s a great arm workout!

Overcoming Obstacles

If you’ve never been disc golfing before, it’s a great way to start your fitness journey. Whether you were an athlete years ago and have let yourself slip, you’ve never been in great shape, or you are trying to recover from an injury that interrupted your usual workout routine, disc golf is the way to go.

Some courses are pay to play but for the most part, it’s free to simply show up and start throwing! Bring some friends and your spirit of friendly competition to make it even more fun, and before you know it you’ll forget that you’re exercising. Countless numbers of people have attributed major weight loss to their love of disc golf, so what’s stopping you?

Do you have an inspiring story that demonstrates how disc golf and light exercise helped you on your fitness journey? We’d love to hear about it below.

Check out your local course here.

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