2014 DUDE Pro - Largest ADG A-Tier in Perth since 2010 ADGC

2014 DUDE Pro - Largest ADG A-Tier in Perth since 2010 ADGC

February 1st was a day of first. The first DUDE Pro, which was the first A-tier for the 2014 ADG tour teed off on this day. Competitors who played were delighted to see that 18 baskets had been permanently installed on the grounds of the Mundaring Golf Course, making this the first 18-hole permanent disc golf course in Perth.

After a long, two year process working with the Mundaring Sporting Club, DiscGolf Park were finally given formal approval to install a permanent 18-hole course with two sets of tees late in 2013. Approval of the course design was given just two weeks before the DUDE Pro, and the team from DGP went into overdrive getting the baskets in the ground and the course ready in time for the tournament. A large part of the tree cutting, weed whacking, hole digging, and heavy lifting was done practically around the clock by Ryan Rintala. Ryan had to head back to the States the day after the tournament, and he put in a massive effort to see the course completed and share the course with local disc golfers.

2014 DUDE Pro

The tournament began with a casual doubles day on Friday January 31st. Those able to take the afternoon off braved the Perth sun to compete in doubles and get some practice in before the nitty gritty competition began on Saturday. The format for the doubles tournament was best shot doubles, and the team of Chris Finn and Michael Wombell took the title. Chris even capped off the round by hitting the chastity belt on hole 18 from nearly 100m, just missing an eagle on the monstrous 330m Par 5.

Revitalizing Our Course: My Vision for a Premier Destination

Investing in a new design to enhance or completely overhaul our old disc golf course will undoubtedly attract visitors, potentially from all corners of the country. As an innovative club, we have the opportunity to put our course on the map for tournaments, thereby boosting revenue for our community.

When it comes to safety, we prioritize everyone's well-being. Nobody wants to see children caught in thickets or navigating treacherous terrain. By introducing a new course with safety in mind, we ensure our course becomes a go-to destination for those seeking clean and enjoyable fun.

Reflecting on course flow, I've observed that well-designed courses tend to flow seamlessly. They offer easy navigation and short walks between holes, enhancing the overall playing experience. By focusing on proper and innovative course designs, we can attract more visitors eager to tackle our challenges.

Considering equipment, players appreciate visiting new disc golf locations, but losing equipment to hazards can be frustrating. That's why a well-designed course takes into account the needs of all players. For beginners, we may reduce traps and provide more room to maneuver, while intermediate and advanced courses may offer more obstacles. Regardless of skill level, our course aims to provide an enjoyable experience for all disc golf enthusiasts. 

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