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Exercise is key to maintaining a healthy physique and feeling your best, but what do you do when you’re pregnant? Surely pregnancy is either a great excuse to sit on your butt or a regrettable action that comes with just a little heartache. Either way, it’s hard to know exactly what to do with yourself while you’re pregnant.

If this is your first pregnancy, you’ve likely read many articles about keeping your body safe, and some of these articles likely included information about what exercises were safe. You may not have considered Ultimate Frisbee on the top of that list, but maybe it should be.


Ultimate Frisbee is an excellent sport for those looking to maintain fitness while taking care of your body. In fact, there are many women who choose to play when pregnant. Ultimate has a lot of qualities that are great for pregnancies. For example, running, walking, and jogging will keep you fit while providing a low-contact exercise.

jessica alba playing while pregnant

Ultimate Frisbee is first and foremost a non-contact sport. That said, there are times when players run into each other when diving for the disc. Ultimate comes with its own risks, especially if you’re considering becoming a more aggressive player.

The teamwork and sense of community you build when playing Ultimate will give you a support group for life, especially during pregnancy. Most players and coaches are more than happy to accommodate players looking to increase their exercise with a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee. If you have good communication with your teammates, they’ll keep an eye on you on the field.


As with most expectant mothers, you probably want to make sure that your new venture is safe for your little one. If you’ve read the news boards, you’ve likely seen people spewing controversy about the sport and pregnancy, but don’t base your decision on the opinions of others.

The only opinions that really matter during your pregnancy are yours and your doctor’s. Some medical websites will tell you to avoid the sport altogether, but there have been many more instances where doctors have given their blessings about the sport.

No pregnancy is one-size-fits-all. Some women have a particularly difficult time conceiving or maintaining pregnancies, ultimately leading to miscarriage. However, many others have typical pregnancies that are not harmed by playing some Ultimate Frisbee.

The best rule of thumb for having a healthy pregnancy is to always be aware of your body. If you start feeling pain, stop. If you feel dehydrated or overheated, sit out and drink some water. Your body is remarkably able to tell you how it’s doing through nerve impulses.


There has been a lot of debate about the inclusion of pregnant women in Ultimate Frisbee. Some are worried that women could hurt themselves or the baby, and others feel like they won’t be able to play their best games with a pregnant woman on the field.

Playing while pregnant

If you run into this type of exclusion, reach out to the people around you both on the internet and in nearby leagues. Pregnancy is not a debilitating medical condition, so it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sport.

Many players and coaches are thrilled to have you join their teams when you’re pregnant. You just have to let them know how you feel during the game.


If you’re new to Ultimate Frisbee, join the community! There are so many people who have shared your experiences and want to help you succeed. Look for teams in your area who will support you and let you enjoy a game you love.

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