Frisbee Types

Rings:  Most of the discs used for sports like disc golf and ultimate frisbee are solid, but the ring frisbee is designed with just the outer portion of the disc. These discs have many uses, but the world record for the farthest thrown frisbee has been done with a ringed frisbee!

Ring frisbees are mostly used for recreation as they have low air resistance and they are easier to catch. And, if you’re up for a challenge, you can practice catching with your hands or your feet! Though it’s not traditional, ring frisbees give you more freedom of movement.

Floating:  You may be surprised to know that there are many kinds of frisbees that float. Some are made for distance, some are ringed and made for inventive catching, and some are purely fun to throw around in the pool.

If you’re out playing disc golf and you come across a waterlogged section, having one of these discs eliminates the fear of losing it in the rapids. Light-weight designs make this perfect for challenging courses. Ring discs that float are especially helpful for recreation. Many are made of light fabrics or plastics, so you can toss them around with your kids. It’s also likely you’ll find a smaller disc just for a smaller grip!

Dodgebee:  Do you remember getting pelted with large rubber balls in gym class when you were a kid? Well, they made a sport just like it for adults! Dodgebee is played with no more than 13 people in each team with only one dodgebee disc in the mix. The rules are like dodgeball—throw it at someone and hope to hit them to “get them out”—with a total playing time of four minutes. That’s right. You’ve got four minutes to get out as many people as you can. If you have an equal amount, you get one minute of overtime, so you’d better use it wisely.

Dodgebee frisbees are a lot softer than their plastic counterparts. The frisbee is essentially a thick fabric disc with head and tail sides. To determine who begins with the disc, the disc is flipped, and the players call heads or tails. Whichever side is up taking the disc.

Light Up:  Does night mess up your game routine? Well, not anymore! Light up frisbees let you play well after dark. Don’t worry about your frisbee getting lost, either. Even stuck in a tree, this frisbee will light your way to it. These frisbee have LEDs that light it up, and many colors are available to those who are looking for more than one.

But what sports can you play with a light-up disc? The answer is, any sport you want! Ultimate frisbee-specific frisbees are visible in the dark, and they are made to the standards as any other ultimate frisbee. If you’re looking for a change in your usual routine, check them out!