Your Guide To Disc Golf In Sydney and New South Wales

Disc golf has rapidly taken hold in Australia over the last handful of years, and if you live in Sydney or really anywhere in New South Wales (NSW), you’ve likely seen this firsthand. With multiple clubs to join and a plethora of courses to play, this part of the country is like a mecca for those who love the game. But if you’re new to disc golf, or you’ve just moved to Sydney, would you know where to go? 

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That’s why we’ve put together this guide with help from those at RAD. You can consider this to be your one-stop source for all things disc golf, allowing you to get the most out of the sport that we all know and love.

A Team Effort

While many people enjoy the solitude that playing a round of disc golf by themselves provides, others love to take part in a community atmosphere and join a local club. Within the greater NSW area, there are two different groups to consider - the Newcastle Disc Golf Club and the Sydney Disc Golf Club. Obviously, geography will dictate which one you become involved with, but keep in mind that both offer regular events and work to grow the sport in their own unique ways.

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Courses Galore!

The NSW part of the country is rather large, so naturally, there are many disc golf courses to explore. Rather than spending far too much time scouring the internet, here’s a complete list of places to visit:

Barnwell Park Multi-Sport Golf

Adventist Alpine Village DiscGolfPark

Jindabyne Disc Golf Course

Koala Park Disc Golf Course

Lake Crackenback Resort DiscGolfPark

Coolangatta Estate Disc Golf Course

Elanora Heights DiscGolfPark

Dubbo Disc Golf Course

Rathmines Park Disc Golf Course

Newington Armory Disc Golf Course

Bicentennial Gardens DiscGolfPark

Jesmond Park Disc Golf Course

Mudgee Parklands Resort DiscGolfPark

Great Aussie Holiday Park

Kiah Ridge DiscGolfPark

Point Wolstoncroft DiscGolfPark

Thredbo DiscGolfPark - Golf Course

Thredbo DiscGolfPark - Friday Flat

As you can imagine, these courses offer anything you could ask for in the world of disc golf, from beginner-friendly 9 hole layouts that help you to get the hang of the sport all the way to championship level courses that require you to use every shot you have in your bag. Some courses are free while others are pay to play, and while many are located in public parks or recreation areas, it’s best to call ahead to the ones that are part of larger facilities.

We don’t blame you if you don’t want to spend hours driving up and down the coast looking for disc golf courses to play, so take a moment to map out the places closest to your home and start there. If the disc golf bug hasn’t bitten you already, it likely will over the next few months, and you’ll probably want to head out of your comfort zone and explore the other places that NSW has to offer. Consider joining a club and making a trip of it with some of your new disc golf friends!

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