Your Guide To Disc Golf In Melbourne

For many, throwing plastic frisbees at metal targets is just about the most fun thing imaginable, and those who live in Melbourne are blessed with an incredible array of support from the local disc golf community. Involvement in a club is easy and there are a lot of courses to play, but if you’re new to the sport or new to the area, you might not know where to go. Let’s take a moment to explore disc golf in Melbourne and uncover how you can get the most out of playing the sport here.

The More The Merrier

Although disc golf is definitely not a team sport and can be enjoyed by yourself any time that you like, it’s always more fun when you get to play with your friends. As a way to make connections within the community and possibly even further the reach of the sport, you might want to consider joining the Melbourne Disc Golf Club. Founded in 2008, this group is one of the main go-to organizations when it comes to disc golf in the area. Or the Geelong Disc Golf Club - The oldest Victorian club established in 2006 who call Barwon Valley Disc Golf Course home.

Consider joining a club and participating in one of their many regular events, including league day, weekend tournaments, or even think about attending their “Come and Try” sessions to see if disc golf might be for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned player who likes to set course records or you’re new to any type of athletic involvement - the club offers a friendly atmosphere that will ensure you have tons of fun.

Where Do I Play?

Despite just how wonderful the internet often is, it can be time-consuming to track down every disc golf course in the Melbourne area. If you’re not looking to drive too terribly far away, you may want to consider spending some time at these local hot spots:

Bald Hill Park Disc Golf Course

Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Barwon Valley Disc Golf Course

Stony Creek Disc Golf Course

Christian College DiscGolfPark

Inverleigh Disc Golf Course

Lady Northcote Recreation Camp

Licola DiscGolfPark

Camp Howqua DiscGolfPark

Adanac CYC

Ruffey Lake Park Disc Golf Course 

Most are free to play and offer players a wealth of diversity between each of the layouts. If you want a beginner-friendly 9-hole layout just to see how you feel about the sport, there’s one waiting for you. More challenging courses are also plentiful, and depending on which tees you throw from, you can compete against yourself on some championship level holes. If you’re open to driving a bit further and making a day of it, there are even more courses in the greater Melbourne area! For a complete list, visit the RAD website and start planning your adventure. 

Remember, whether you’re young or old, physically fit or just starting to explore the idea of sports, disc golf is for you. Designed to be just as much fun as it is challenging, there’s no shortage of courses and players in Melbourne. Consider purchasing a few low-priced discs, heading out to a course near you, and giving this awesome sport a try!

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