Your Guide To Disc Golf In Canberra

If you live in or near Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), you’re probably often inundated with fun things to do. However, for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time connecting with nature, consider playing a round of disc golf. Similar to traditional golf in many ways, disc golf uses plastic discs and metal targets called baskets. Anyone can play, so whether you have small children, you’re of older age, or you’re not in the best shape of your life, it won’t matter.

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Does disc golf sound intriguing? If so, keep reading to find out exactly what the disc golf scene looks like in Canberra. Rather than having to go it alone and figure out where to play, we’ve compiled all of the information you need right here!

Three Courses, Many Holes

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Canberra may not have as many individual courses in the area as other metropolitan parts of Australia, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of holes to play. Within a reasonable driving distance, you can head out to any one of the following layouts:

Eddison Park Disc Golf Course

John Knight Memorial DGC

Weston Park

It’s important to note that all three courses offer players something uniquely different. Eddison Park is one of the oldest and most popular layouts in this part of Australia and although it only features 9 baskets, dual tees allow for a full round of 18 to be played. Eddison Park contains mostly flat terrain and holes that vary from wide-open landscapes to more narrowly wooded areas.

Beginners are also encouraged to visit John Knight Memorial DGC to capitalize on an incredible layout of holes - 36 to be exact! Again, multiple tees and even multiple pin positions offer those new to the game the chance to truly get a feel for all types of shots.

Lastly, Weston Park is another option to consider, although we must warn that it’s quite difficult. Used during the Australian Disc Golf Championships, it features longer holes and is best played by those who have been enjoying disc golf for years.

Getting Involved

While you may feel confident navigating the area’s courses yourself, there’s nothing that makes disc golf more enjoyable than immersing yourself in the local community. The ACT Disc Golf Club is incredibly active and works to introduce new players to the game as well as provide plenty of competitive opportunities to more seasoned individuals.

Monthly leagues are held at both Eddison Park and John Knight Memorial with a handicap system that makes them great for players of all skill levels. The group also works to maintain and improve upon Canberra’s three courses, so you should expect to put in some hard work as well at some point in time!

The opportunity to be involved in a disc golf club is one that many players wouldn’t pass up, so head out to one of the area’s courses and introduce yourself to some people. Disc golf can certainly be played alone, but it’s so much better with friends!

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