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Imagine yourself in a desert landscape with the smell of minty pine wafting over from the gum trees. You take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, you draw your shooting arm across your gut and launch it toward the portable basket. . .only to have it clang against the metal chains. With a resounding crash, the basket tumbles to the ground. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

If you find yourself in need of a new basket, where do you go? Don’t spend endless hours wading through reviews of would-be best sellers. Instead, consider some of the best baskets in your budget that are the best in the biz.


COVID-19 has prevented most people from leaving their houses. If you feel the itch to leave your home in search of a disc golf course, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t access a park. The next best option is to set up your own course.

The key to becoming a champion is to get putting down to a science. Luckily, these portable disc golf baskets can let you set up virtually anywhere. 


RAD EAGLE Premium Basket:

The heavy-duty RAD EAGLE Premium Basket is PDGA approved and set to standards issued by the PDGA height and size requirements. Its 24 heavy-duty chains are made to last with firmly welded joints. And, perhaps best of all, you can assemble it in less than five minutes. 

Satisfied customers around Australia have remarked on the wonders of this basket. With 95% 5-star reviews, you’ll likely see this basket used by dozens around Australia. At a $349.00 AUD price tag, it should be on your shopping list.

rad eagle basket

Of the RAD EAGLE Premium Basket, reviewer Jake wrote, “A RADical Ripper of a basket! Absolutely love my new Eagle Basket. She is nice and sturdy, and super easy to assemble (5-10 mins). . .Such a good addition. Thanks Andrew for your quick responses to all my questions, I couldn't recommend this basket and RAD more - 5 stars!”

RAD BIRDIE Lite Basket:

For those looking for a more portable basket that has all the features of the RAD EAGLE Premium Basket without the price tag, the RAD BIRDIE Lite Basket should be your basket of choice. Like the RAD EAGLE, it has 24 zinc-coated chains and has strong metal construction, but this basket only weighs 12kgs. 

Of course, this basket isn’t up to PDGA standards because of its size, but it is a great practice basket for those looking to quickly improve their games. All reviews have given this small basket 4 stars and above, making it one of the most loved options. The RAD BIRDIE Lite Basket is only $199.00 AUD.

rad birdie lite basket

Reviewer Geoff Jacobs happily added the RAD BIRDIE Lite Basket to his equipment with the review “Good value and good quality. I often regret buying the cheaper option of items, but was very happy with the cost and build quality of the 'Lite' basket.”


Getting out of the house can seem like a chore now. Popping on a mask and carrying hand sanitizer with you everywhere is a chore, especially when you go to highly publicized places. 

Get your own basket now to cut down on the hassle of heading out. Play in the backyard and challenge your friends to beat your scores. Just because the shutdown may prevent you from visiting a course doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefit of doing what you love from home. 

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