Family Fun at the Beach: Top 3 Frisbees that Float


Finally, it’s time to head to the beach! All the time spent on the beach, though, doesn’t have to hamper how much time you spend with your disc, and we’ll bet it doesn’t. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to give your disc a workout while on vacation.

Imagine yourself at the perfect beach: the wind is in your hair—or running through your scalp—and you have just discovered that the picnic you planned is due for additional muffins. Your friends and family are on the beach with you, so what more can you do to make the day perfect? All the sand and fresh air provides the perfect background to a frisbee game. So, let’s get your game started.



When you take the road to the beach, the Ultra-Star will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, and its best feature is that you can use it both day and night. The Ultra-Star is available in glow, UV, and super colour. Among the flurry of other frisbees throughout the day and night skies, you will be able to set yours apart from the rest. 

Consider the blue and orange options. Not only are they beautiful colours, but they are also viable dog frisbees. When out in the sand with your favourite pooch, make your dog fly through the air by tossing the Ultra-Star. You can play day and night with your new favourite model.

captain america


It seemed only yesterday that Captain America was tossing his shield, cutting down aliens and keeping the bad guys at bay. It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that there is a frisbee to cut down your enemies as well—well, not literally. The Captain America frisbee will put you ahead of the game by bringing you closer to your dreams of becoming a superhero.

Playing Ultimate Frisbee on the beach with a Captain America disc is certainly a bold statement, and it is likely to encourage others to compete for the title. Based on its own Vibranium roots, the Captain America Frisbee offers durability and an incredible glide. Take advantage of your own superhero roots and look good doing it.

flashlight frisbees


When the sun goes down you don't need to pack up and leave, simply drag out the Flashlights, no not your torches! Take Frisbee at the beach to a whole new level by adding Flashlights to the mix. When playing out on the beach, use glowsticks to the mark the end goals for Ultimate Frisbee. 

man on the beach

Explore the beach with the aid of a frisbee to make the most out of your trip. UV, glow Ultra-Stars and maybe a Captain America frisbee will take your team and game to the next level. So get out and enjoy the summer nights with Australia’s best frisbees.

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