3 Ways Frisbee can encourage your kids to exercise more

Frisbee is an amazing way to get the kids out and about exercising. And what’s more, it’s so much fun it hardly feels like exercise! As a sport, Frisbee has really come into the limelight in recent years – with its newfound popularity it has become an increasingly accepted sport for kids to get involved with and a great way to make the most of the sunshine during the holidays. 

There are multiple health benefits to playing this fun game. So read on to find out the top three ways frisbee can encourage your children to exercise more: 

Dog catching frisbee in park

1. New sports clothing 

With all the running, jumping, stretching and throwing your child is going to build up their strength, stamina and hand-eye coordination. But to do this comfortably your child will need suitable workout gear. And what better way to persuade your kids to play than at the promise of some super cool new gear? The little ones will love having new clothes to wear but make sure you’re investing in items which are not only suitable for exercise but that are also produced in a way which isn’t harmful to the planet either. 

With new kit, your kids will be excited and encouraged to get exercising and you know you’re doing something good for the planet by investing in sustainable clothing. Look for brands like Nike which is one sports brand leading the way in sustainability. They now use less than half the energy to make a pair of shoes than they did ten years ago. You can also find Frisbee Specific clothing through Dude Clothing

2. Socialising 

One of the great things about Frisbee is anyone can play! From their dog to they’re grandad, your kids will be able to take any opportunity to get out there with their Frisbee- its not only great exercise but a great opportunity for them to socialise. 

Do a bit of research in your local area at what Frisbee clubs are available and sign them up - it also means they’ll never be short of something to do at the weekends, or during school holidays. Plus, getting them out in the fresh air running around is always much better than having them glued to their computer screens all day long. 

If there aren’t any local clubs why not encourage them to organise a group, or even set up a Frisbee club with other friends. It’s an easy way to structure some regular exercise into their week and create opportunities for them to meet new friends! 

3. Mood booster 

We all know exercise releases endorphins, so through the activity, sunshine, fresh air and socialising, your children will already have a huge boost in their general mood. But there are other benefits more unique to Frisbee that make it such a great option for children. One of the best things about Frisbee is that you really don’t need to put in hours of practice to get the basics. Even beginners can really hold their own and it's so versatile you can really make your own rules- this can have a great benefit to your child's confidence.  

The best results come from sessions of 30 minutes or more, so encourage them to buddy up with a friend, get a group together, or you can join them yourself for half an hour of throwing a Frisbee around. All of that running, jumping, ducking and catching will have you all worn out, and you’ll be spending quality time as a family, too. 

Why not make a day of it and organise a trip to a local park, have a big family game of Frisbee followed by a picnic – if that doesn’t encourage the kids to run around and get more exercise, nothing will! 

Man throwing frisbee in sunshine

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