Expanded Range of Dog Frisbees From Hero Disc

We are now offering an even wider range of high quality discs for man's best friend from Hero Disc.


In addition to the popular Superhero and Superstar discs, we have once again stocked the slightly smaller and lighter Supersonic.  The Supersonic comes in translucent K9 Candy plastic and opaque Taffy plastic in a variety of colours.  The Supersonic also offers the durable, bite and puncture resistant plastic as the Superhero and Superstar.

For fans of the Superstar looking for a bit more colour, we have added the Superswirl.  These have the safe flight and grip of the Superstar, but come in unique, vibrant, hand crafted dye colours.

We have also added the very popular Hero Air 235 disc.  This is the disc used by pro disc doggers around the world.  It is the same shape and offers the same flight characteristics as the above mentioned Frisbees, but comes in a more affordable plastic so that you can fill a bag with them.

Last but not least, is the Pup 120.  These are fantastic little flyers for everyone that has ever said "My dog is too small to play with a Frisbee."  They make great training tools for puppies too.

We hope you enjoy these new products, and please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to stock for your four-legged friends! 


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